UX Research Coaching

Mentorship has played and continues to play an important role in my career. I want to give back and offer mentorship to aspiring UX Researchers in their early career stages from High-School, University to their first job. 

Coaching areas include:

  • What is UX Research and is it right for me?
  • How do I land my first job in UX Research? 
  • What UX Research skills do I need to develop and how? 
  • What types of UX Research career paths are there and how do I chose mine? 
  • How do I apply to UX Research jobs and increase my chances? 
  • General feedback on CV, personal statements and research portfolio. 

I used to offer 45min coaching sessions for free but due to high demand, the structure has changed to the following: 

15 Minutes
One 15min coaching session to answer any pressing questions you may have. This is free. To book, follow these instructions

45 Minutes
45min coaching sessions. Free for underrepresented groups in technology*. Otherwise a $70 donation to a cause of your choice. Please email me at mail at janahrend.com and to set up a time that works best. Donations can be made using Paypal Donation. Feel free to book a free 15min session beforehand. 

*Underrepresented groups in technology according to the Anita Borg Institute: All women. And African American, Hispanic/Latino and Native American men and women.