I get often asked what interview questions are asked in UX Research interviews. In my preparation for my UX Research interviews at Google back in 2016, I have collected a list of sources that have helped me. 

One piece of advice – these questions are helpful in understanding the types of questions that may be asked and can help you practice your approach in answering them. Once interview questions are ‘leaked’ online, they are usually not asked anymore. I would consider these questions as examples of the type of interview questions that are asked. 

UX Research interview questions

  1. Cracking the UX Research Interview by Melissa Hui
  2. 46 Interview Questions for User Experience Researchers by Eleonora Zucconi
  3. UX research interviews: what to expect (part 1) by Noor Ali-Hasan
  4. UX research interviews: what to expect (part 2) by Noor Ali-Hasan
  5. What to expect from technical UX research interview questions by Noor Ali-Hasan

UX (general) interview questions
Many of them are still relevant as UX Research interview questions. 

  1. UX interview questions & answers by Nadeem
  2. The 4 Types of UX Interview Questions to Master
  3. 42 Common UX Designer Interview Questions (just mentally replace ‘designer’ with ‘researcher’)

And I strongly recommend the book The Google Resume by Gayle Laakmann McDowell to anyone who wants to apply for a position at a tech company (and not just Google). This book has helped me a lot in getting hired as UX Researcher at Google in 2016. 

I offer free UX Research mentorship & coaching. Reach out if you have questions! 

Disclaimer: I today work at Google as a Senior User Experience Researcher. Content and opinions are my own and not of Google. 


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