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How To Use AdBlockers The Ethical Way -

How To Use AdBlockers The Ethical Way

Before I tell you how I make use of AdBlockers and why you should do it my way, let me say that I am not interested in discussing/debating the ethics of AdBlock software in depth in this post, but provide a solution for both users and website admins – not advertisers.

Let’s first have a look at the reasons why people are using AdBlockers and why ads are existing at all.
No one likes to work for free. When ads are placed on a website, the admin/affiliate earns money on a PPC (price per click) basis. For every click he gets a few cents which can be disbursed at the end of the month. This monetization provides free content for the readers without the need of a subscription fee.
But me, as a confessed advertising banner opponent is really annoyed of the spammy content which I know is paid for and never provides any value. (Subscribe to my email list – it’s ad free – to read in one of my next posts why banner ads won’t exist in 10 years anymore) I use AdBlock Plus to save time and traffic – no flashing banners, no malware domains and cleaner websites.

And this is how I use my AdBlocker:
Creators of great content deserve to get rewarded. Whenever I read a great article, watch a great YouTube video or consume any other form of GREAT online content, I disable my AdBlocker and click purposely on an ad banner. I have even went further and disabled my AdBlocker on the sites I regularly visit by default. These include inter alia my 84 subscribed RSS Feeds. So whenever I read, bookmark and share an article viamy twitter account, I will also switch from Google Reader to the article’s source page and click on an ad banner.

Why you should use it?
In this way you have the benefit of 99% ad-free surfing and the creator the benefit of getting paid. A win-win situation, right? Well not actually, the advertisers are paying for potential costumers that actually aren’t potential at all. But as I told you before, conventional ad banners will vanish within the next century. And the reasons for me believing that will be posted in one of the next blog posts.

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