Jan Ahrend (25, Oxford, UK) has been conducting scientific research since he was 11 years old. While in high-school he won the state title in Europe’s biggest science competition and was given two environmental protection awards. He taught himself programming at age 13 and after high school, he graduated in Computer Science (BSc) in Heidelberg, graduated top of his class in Human-Computer Interaction (MSc) from the University of Birmingham (UK) and took online courses from Stanford University.

Jan is passionate about Human-Computer Interaction, Product Design and Cyber Security. He participated in three startup competitions and developed prototypes for various projects. In the past he worked as a developer for a startup in Silicon Valley, a social entrepreneurship centre and co-founded two startups.

Jan is currently reading for his Doctorate in Computer Science at the University of Oxford, where he is researching ways to improve the situational awareness of our nations’ cyber defenders by conceptualising the management of cyber threat intelligence and developing technologies that support their practices.